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Research Projects

    Relying on the key laboratory of Environmental Science and Engineering of Jiangsu Province, cooperation with local organizations, other universities and scientific research enterprises has been established. The school has completed more than 80 research projects from municipal, provincial and national scientific research programs, including 40 provincial level projects like key water projects of ministry of science and technology for “Tenth Five-Year Plan”(“863”), key projects of national urban water environment for “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, key and general projects of national natural science foundation, projects of national natural science youth foundation, projects of science and technology plan of Jiangsu province(social development) for “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and natural science foundation of Jiangsu province. Our school was honored more than 40 awards. More than 500 papers and 20 books were published in the recent five years. The school owns about 30 national patents. More than 500 technical services were accomplished.

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